This is where it all started.  In February 2013, Dr Ben Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast.  And what a speech it was. It was clear then to all who witnessed, that this was a man who needs to heard! In fact, said the multitudes “This man should be our President!” So weary and worn are the majority of Americans who have stood helplessly by, watching the fabric of the country they love pulled apart string by string by an administration whose rewards & punishments seem upside down and inside out.

Talk about Bravery.  Dr Carson spoke his heart and mind without regard to political correctness.  For Carson followers and supporters, that day began a day of hope.  Hope that there is someone with the intellect, the background, the knowledge & the wisdom who, if willing, could lead the nation back to it’s founding principles and reignite all that is good about America.

After a groundswell of support, at the pleading and urging of millions,  in May 2015 Dr Carson relented. He paused plans for a retirement of leisure and adventure, took the plunge and accepted the challenge to run for POTUS. With a very large grass roots base of support and somewhere in the realm of 95% of campaign funds from small donations, out-raising opponents, Dr Carson’s supporters are working hard, praying daily, doing everything they can to sound the alarm and hoping Americans will not be fooled again by the loud noises of politicians, pundits and media moguls.  That they have been sufficiently wakened to a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect a true Citizen Statesman with ultra sound qualities,  a man who is not driven by ambition but by concern for the future of America, the land he loves, to be POTUS.

27:59 total: Topics include Proverbs 00:00 – 2:18, Political Correctness 2:18 – 6:18, Education 6:18 – 12:30, Politics Vs Solutions (putting things into perspective, Carson Scholars Fund) 12:30 – 17:14, Why is education so important (Rome) 17:14 – 18:33, American Deficit & Taxation 18:33 – 21:00, Healthcare 21:00 – 22:47, Sea Captain Parable 22:47 – 23:54, Eagle, the symbol of our nation 23:54 – 24:43, Dr Carson concluded his message with this stunning remembrance of one our most historic moments in U.S. history.