15 thoughts on “BEN LOVES OUR COUNTRY

  1. Dr. Ben Carson is a man that has come into my life, I am so thankful to know him and serve him by voting for him , the best man for the job, it will be such an honor to vote for him to be my President!

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    1. I’m just now setting up this blog and I’m not familiar with it yet, and with the holidays, I haven’t had the time to work on it. I’ll let you know how things progress…thanks for showing up and saying nice things about Ben.!


    1. Thanks George…we are looking forward to a bit more freedom. Facebook has been censoring a lot of Carsonator comments and sending them to FB jail for 1-5 days…including me for saying something that was verified about freaking psycho freaks that claim a religion demands they behead Christians.


  2. Glad to have a place to come to where we can say what we “really” think, without holding back. Today I’m FURIOUS with another article about Dr. Carson written by Voltova Dmitri, published by prntly. The headlines and almost entire article is nothing but lies!! It is just not right that someone can blatantly lie and not be sued for slander… Congratulations on the new blog 🙂


    1. yes…we are going to have a bit more freedom in what is being said …but we don’t want to be slanderous, nor spreading lies…so i want people to make sure that what they are putting up has been confirmed as authentic!


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