CPAC speech   March 6,2015  Sean Hannity and Dr Ben Carson_85561718_bencarsonpodium
18:09 Hannity: Praises for Ben
19:00 Carson: I haven’t given up trying to save America. We’re in an incredible amount of trouble.
19:17 Hannity: Expresses his certainty that Ben will continue to have influence. Would be shocked if he wasn’t part of the next administration.
19:43 Carson: We’ll certainly see what happens. What we have to worry about is fracturing the party so severely that we hand the election over to democrats.
19:58 Hannity: Asks Ben about his reaction to Romney’s speech.
20:03 Carson: I was disappointed. Lets say the establishment can stop Trump. No way you’re going to get trump supporters to support the ticket and we’ll basically hand the election over.
20:25 Hannity: The day of the insurgent candidates. Outsiders have over 60% of Republican voters. Trump people hate the Cruz people, Cruz people hate the Trump people. One of those two is likely to be the nominee …I’m worried about the fall out.
21:12 Carson: What the republican party needs to be looking at is which one of those 2 is most likely to be able to win in the general election.
21:24 Hannity: Do you have any thoughts on that?
21:28 Carson: There are negatives on both sides. Cruz has a very hard time attracting other than his base, will have a hard time attracting moderates and democrats. Trump will attract some moderates and democrats but he loses part of the republican base. Which one is going to be worse? Is it going to be more possible for Cruz to bring over independents and democrats or is it more possible for Trump to win over the conservative republicans.
22:14 Hannity: What do you think the answer to that question is?
22:16 Carson: Honestly I think it’s going to be easier for Trump. Republicans will recognize that giving the election to Hillary is a total disaster for their children and their grandchildren. I hope that people are thinking beyond just the immediate and thinking really about the future. If the Supreme Court gets 2,3,or 4 more people of that persuasion we’re gone.
22:56 Hannity: I agree if the two sides don’t reconcile in the end it’s going to be a disaster and we have an establishment that hates both of them equally & the people they’re hating more are the ones who are acting independently. They negate everything that brought us to this point & created even your candidacy – and that is, that republicans have failed and have become weak and feckless.
23:32 Carson: That’s exactly right, it’s very unfortunate. Bit we’ve got to assume that people will be able to look at the big picture. If they can’t look at the big picture, if they can only think about the thing that they’re mad about, we’re gone. I hate to say it that way but…
22:53 Hannity: The Cruz people say that Trump’s not conservative enough and the Trump people say Cruz isn’t likeable enough and he can’t win. So what do you say to both sides?
24:20 Carson: Maybe they should get together and just say ‘Look lets work together, one of us be president and one be vice president, but we’ll work together’.
24:31 Hannity: Why do you make it so easy?
24:36 Carson: It would solve the problem. But the possibility of anybody being willing to step back is pretty remote.
24:48 Hannity: Do you think either Rubio or Kasich have a path?
24:51 Carson: I really don’t see any space left between Trump & Cruz.
24:59 Hannity: I agree. I think this has become a 2-man race.
25:10 Carson: Even if they win their respective states I’m not sure that’s going to translate to the rest of the country
25:20 Hannity: What is your immediate thought about your life and what you plan to do?
25:25 Carson: I am working to try to get people, particularly people of faith, to recognize that they have a role to play. They can’t just sort of sit back and expect God’s going to take care of this. I know there are a lot of people who say ‘I don’t have to do anything cause God’s got it under control.’ But that’s not the way it works. The way that God works is through us. If we just sit back we’re going to wind up If we don’t do anything then we wind up with the kind of situation we have now.
25:56 Hannity: ‘God’s going to save me’ flood story. I think that’s how God works like through gifted hands like you have.
26:48 Carson: And He does. and we as a nation somehow have to reach back down inside and recognize who we are. This is America. This is a place of ‘can do’ people not ‘what can you do for me’ people. This is a place where we used to work together. Where we didn’t allow people to come in and separate us and make us into each other’s enemies and weaken us and make us easy victims for the radical extremists who want to exterminate us. We used to be smarter than that. I don’t know what happened to us.
27:27 Hannity: Speak to Trump voters, what do you want to say to them, and then the same for Cruz voters.
27:34 Carson: Recognize that you have your candidate and that’s fine. But it doesn’t do any good to try to tear the other person down. Let’s in fact concentrate on the things that you believe and that are good about your candidate. And I would say exactly the same thing to the other side. We have to stop this. All we are doing is providing ammunition for the democrats. Which will make it easy for them. I can’t for the life of me understand why republicans can’t understand that. Why do we have to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory?
28:20 Hannity: I call it a circular firing squad at this point. I think you should hold your head high. What is the thing that you have learned the most?
28:45 Carson: You learn how much our system is controlled. I mean there’s a political class that also controls most of the media and they are very, very powerful, they are very influential.
29:12 Hannity: Do you feel you were mostly treated fair or unfair?
29:14 Carson: I was initially treated fair. When I became a real threat, and they realized that I was not controllable through normal means, they came out with all barrels blazing.
29: 29 Hannity: Yeah, I remember the exact moment it happened too. You were surging and surging. You were right there at the top and then the onslaught began.
29:37 Carson: I hope that other people will recognize that it is possible. I didn’t make it but it is possible. You can get through there. We need to broaden the pool from which we select our leaders. It shouldn’t just be the political elites. Our system was made for citizen statesmen it wasn’t just made for politicians.
30:02 Hannity: That’s really profound. I hope that you stay in the public arena. It sounds like you’re going to. Linda, my producer is about to cry inside there that you’re out. She’s so upset. She loves you. She’s tearing up and she’s tough as nails.
30:28 Carson: Don’t despair. We are going to find a way to save our country. Never give up. As Winston Churchill said “Never, never give up”.
30:38 Hannity: Have you ever hear some of his tapes?
30:49 Remember what he said. Churchill said: “American’s will always do the right thing after they have tried everything else.”
30:59 Hannity: You’re a good man. I value your friendship. I hope you’ll continue to come on the show and talk to us about the election.
31:22 Carson: Thank you Sean.
31:30 Hannity: There’s no way he’s out of public life. He’s absolutely, positively going to do something big in public life.