A VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE BY CEO OF                 GALLUP           Jim Clifton



Here is a short clip which presents an entirely new concept on how to find and develop skills needed for the 21st Century  entrepreneur…the real answer to “let’s make America great again.”


  1. Also, no superstar running back or point guard or star volleyball player gets left behind either. Nor does anyone with rare artistic or musical talent.
  2. We aren’t as intentional and systematic with entrepreneurs — because we know so little about what makes them tick.
  3. Gallup research concludes entrepreneurs are born then made.
  4. Gallup discovered 10 predictable themes within the most gifted high-potential business builders.
  5. Considering all of this, how do we get GDP and the middle class to boom? Create a system, city by city, for early identification and development of entrepreneurs that is as intentional as systems for IQ or sports or artistic talent.
  6. Gallup has created an assessment, Entrepreneurial Profile 10 (EP10), that predicts who has high potential to build multimillion dollar organizations.
  7. Use the EP10 to test all kids in eighth through 12th grades, city by city. Identify the most unusually talented and put them in a program that encourages them to start and build a business. Give it a good name — something like “Operation Juilliard.”
  8. There are 30 million kids in eighth through 12th grade. High talent is found in 2% of that group, or 600,000 kids. Kids with extraordinary talent — those with the potential to build very large organizations — are 0.5% of the 30 million, or 150,000.
  9. There are rare business builders in your city. You just don’t know which ones they are.
  10. Cities in America have startup clubs and incubators. Many universities have entrepreneur departments — few create new businesses. But by focusing on high-potential talent, the success rate of startups will jump as much as five times.
  11. We see little to no difference in natural talent among whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians — or among rich or poor. Or between men and women. God was very egalitarian when handing out this gift.
  12. Whether America goes broke or once again economically dominates the world depends on whether we stop killing small business with overwhelming rules and regulations and start systematically birthing startups and shootups.

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